sábado, janeiro 22, 2011

Post War Playground

Gas Masks are a recurring element in the cyberpunk fetish imagery. The plastic rain coat is also a mandatory fashion item under the acid rain. You'll find plenty of gas masks, latex, leather, boots and also beautiful models in some more traditional sexy photography in my portfolios in the links below.

Right now I'm focused in producing MiNerve - a (photo)graphic cyberpunk/biopunk novel to be featured online and on the pages of the printed issues of your cherrished Overclock Zine. Stay tuned!


Official BunkerMedia Site: http://bunkermedia.com.br/o-estudio/portfolio
Wandeclayt @ Tumblr: http://chainreaktor.tumblr.com
Wandeclayt @ Carbonmade: http://wandeclayt.carbonmade.com
Wandeclayt @ DevianArt: http://wandeclayt.deviantart.com
Wandeclayt @ Flickr: http://flickr.com/photos/wandeclayt

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