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Overclock Interview: Javelynn (Sweden)

An interview with Yaz – front woman of Javelynn
by Maria 'Fuchsia' Gibson

With a cup of Chai, I sit down in a comfy chair, in front of… the computer! I am doing an interview over MSN - oh the wonders of technology!

I am going to interview Yasmine “Yaz” Uhlin, a woman I admire and also a friend. You all might know her from the very successful synth pop band Ashbury Heights. She has recently started a new band though, they’re called Javelynn – and I am very curious about this new project!

The Facebook page tells us that the band consists of Yaz (Lyrics, Programming & Lead Vocals), Johan (Guitars & Backing Vocals) and Elle (Programming and Live Keyboards). The band was formed in 2008 and if you listen to the songs on MySpace they have a very special dark electro pop sound.

The interview starts with a little MSN trouble, but soon takes off. And it soon becomes very apparent how excited Yaz is about Javelynn.

Yasmine 'Yaz' Uhlin (photo: Joakim Karlsson)

Maria: So, who are Javelynn?
Yaz: I started Javelynn when I left Ashbury Heights in late 2008. I asked Johan Andersson to be my guitarist. After 6 months as a duo, we offered Elle the part of keyboardist and co-programmer, ending up as a trio.

Maria: What was the spark that ignited the birth of Javelynn? How did it all start?
Yaz: I loved Ashbury Heights and I never thought it would come to an end, but when I decided to leave I knew I wouldn't be able to stop writing music. I started writing some songs of my own and I took some old drafts from Ashbury Heights with me. Turns out I wasn't that bad on my own so I thought Nah, what the hell. Let's kick some. And I've always thought this scene; the electronica/industrial/rockpop scene needs more front women in general.

Maria: It's impossible not to compare you to Ashbury Heights - how much of the Ashbury sound and ideas do you think you have brought to Javelynn?
Yaz: All of them? Ashbury Heights was my band, my life. I learned everything there is to know about music through Ashbury Heights. Both I and Anders grew as musicians over time, evolved and took greater risks. We write similar lyrics and we have the same basic ideas when it comes to melodies and arrangement, but when you compare Javelynn and Ashbury Heights, you'll hear two different sounds. Javelynn is darker, rougher and perhaps more provocative while Ashbury Heights will always have that flirty 80's pop thing going on. I don't know how else to explain it.

Maria: Ok, so how exactly would you describe the Javelynn sound for those who have not yet heard you?
Yaz: Convert the feeling of an adrenaline kick into sound and there you have it. Javelynn sounds like a mystery. We've developed our own sound, combining synthesizers with full blown hardcore/metal guitars and we twist it and turn it into pop. Our first album is produced like a list pop album but we've kept the dominant electro feel. Javelynn sounds like everything you've heard but in a whole new way. We've taken bits and pieces from everywhere, but we've mixed it like no one else.

Maria: That truly sounds awesome, I'm very curious about this your first album - can you tell us something about it?
Yaz: Chimaera at Heart is our firstborn, yes. With it comes a chaotic mixture of everything I've ever wanted to write and produce, hence the title. I'll never know what to write next, or how it's supposed to sound. This album will not only speak for our existence, but our ambivalence as well. Here's some metal/pop. And don't forget about the r'n'b/EBM We've shoved 11 tracks in there. 11 different ways to express oneself. And we hope you'll like it, of course!

Maria: Is there a release date? I eagerly ask.
Yaz: We've been promised a release in early 2011. The album is being produced as we speak. I'm actually answering your questions from the studio. Yes, I'm a workaholic.

Maria: Awesome! Do you have other plans for the future of Javelynn?
Yaz: I've got my heart set on tons of touring and live performances in general. I won't rest until I've taken this band across countless borders across the world. I've never performed in the States so that's a goal and our first music video will be recorded in just a month or two! We're all very set on taking this band to higher ground. I can't see how a band would work without goals and ambitions. I'm lucky to have such awesome band members as Elle and Johan. Without them, this would be so much harder.

Maria: So, do you have anything booked - will we be seeing Javelynn live somewhere soon? I quickly ask with a hopeful flirty smiley.
Yaz: Sadly, no. We've been offered many gigs but we can't do anything with our material until it's been officially released. But hang in there. The summer festivals are coming up, so who knows. She says with a flirty smiley.

Maria: But that's a good thing! We are eagerly awaiting dates for the album, the video and gigs! Is there something you would like to add? A shout-out perhaps?
Yaz: Oh dear, I'm bad at this. Buy the album, try not to sprain you neck while listening to it and we'll see you soon! And thanks for all your support!

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