sábado, janeiro 23, 2010

out now: Atari Game - Soulwindow EP

Fresh on the Brazilian net label Phantasma 13 is Soulwindow, the 5-track debut EP of Atari Game, the new solo project of Helldrigo from Tatari Gami.
Expect old school synth basslines, deep vocals and a very dark mood on each of the 5 tracks. From time to time you will recall some of the iconic electronic brazilian bands from the Cri Du Chat label in the early '90s - Harry, in particular -, but Helldrigo injects fresh air into the old sound and succeeds to bring it to the 2010s.

Rush to download it: http://phantasma13.com/atari-game-soulwindow-ep/

ATARI GAME – Soulwindow EP

01. Renata
02. AT_you
03. Black Hole
04. Personnal Robot
05. Soulwindow

Artwork: Helldrigo
Cover model: Muse from Hell (Tatari Gami)
Release date: 23/01/2010
Released Under Creative Commons License

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