sexta-feira, janeiro 15, 2010

Synth Valentines

My dear friend Lady A (@adriamaral) just reminded me of the upcoming Valentine's Day! But let Marvin Gaye rest in peace and pick some industrial and synth love tunes to listen instead. Here's a list to prove you there's more then post nuclear chaos in the lyrics of our cherished electro artists!

#1 - In Stric Confidence - Industrial Love

#2 - Wolfsheim - Closer Still

#3 - Neuroactive - Moments Passing By

#4 - Apoptygma Berzerk - In This Together

#5 - And One - Traumfrau

#6 - Elegant Machinery - Save Me

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Adriana Amaral disse...

Nice post! It seems unfair to choose only 5 tracks, don´t you think?