sexta-feira, fevereiro 19, 2010

Aire'n Terre live @ Grito Rock - Santa Maria

Aire'n Terre live @ Grito Rock (photo: Estela Fonseca)

Aire'n Terre
has just started the Re:Union Tour 2010 (an obvious joke, since Wandeclayt M. is the only member of the band on stage) as part of the Grito Rock Festival. The festival takes place in several Brazilian and a few Latin American cities and Aire'n Terre went on stage at a very familiar venue: Macondo Lugar (Santa Maria).

Despite of being a rock festival, the line up included bands which heavily rely on electronics to build their sound. Aire'n Terre brought to stage their multimedia machinery to perform a short but intense concert which included cyberpunk and fetishist live projections to suport the performance. On the set list two covers: the synth anthem Enjoy the Silence from Depeche Mode and Songs of Metal and Flesh from the brazilian electro pioneers Harry. This song is the contribution of Aire'n Terre and Euphorbia to The Sky is Grey, the brazilian tribute to Harry, released by the netlabel Phantasma 13 and available for free download.

Aire'n Terre - Fading Memories.
One of the live projections used during the concert.

Aire'n Terre - Enjoy the Silence.
Paying tribute to the master influencers Depeche Mode.

Also relying on electronics and sequenced beats but adding a dense wall of distorted guitars to its sound, the band Stereologica was a fine surprise. The music of Roberto and Mari can't be easily defined but you can surely think of a blend of Jesus and Mary Chain or Sonic Youth with New Order even if none of these are direct influences of the members.


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