terça-feira, setembro 06, 2011

Watch and Learn (part 1): Haujobb - Dead Market.

It takes more than a bunch a software synths and fancy voice effects to make a true electro-industrial anthem.
But Daniel Myer and Dejan Samardzic seem to be quite aware of that for what we can hear in Hajobb's new EP Dead Market. While most of the releases out there sounds like redundant and disposable collections of distorted vocals, preset beats and factory default synth patches, Dead Market is a polished gem to our grinded years. Intricated and catchy melodies, hard dance beats and several layers of delicious synth goodness are there to make the title track a newborn industrial classic.

The EP is available as an 8 track digital album at bandcamp including the official video (Director: Boris May - Director of photography: Dominik Kuhn).

Watch and learn kids.

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