quinta-feira, setembro 01, 2011

Happy Birthday Douglas McCarthy!

Douglas McCarthy, lead singer of Nitzer Ebb, has just turned 45 but his voice and stage performance are just as  powerful as in the early days of NE.

Along with Bon Harris in Nitzer Ebb, McCarthy recorded countless industrial anthemns which soon became club classics worldwide, sometimes crossing the boundaries of the underground and hitting the mainstream. McCarthy have also collaborated with Recoil's (former Depeche Mode member Alan Wider) and the German industrial masters Die Krupps.

During the 2000's McCarthy paired with the DJ Terence Fixmer in the succesful project Fixmer/McCarthy. Having split in 1995 after the release of the album Big Hit, Nitzer Ebb reunited in 2006 and have perfomed several concerts since then. In each of the live appearances, the audience witnesses all the wilderness and rage that have become the trademark of Nitzer Ebb's concerts since the early 80's.

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