quinta-feira, fevereiro 24, 2011

#EBMday part I. - Euphorbia

Rivetheads of the world unite! It's february 24th or 24/2, in European and Brazilian date formats. Which reminds us of Front 242, and led the Electronic Body Music fans to declare it the international EBM day!

Today, in a series of posts we'll present you the bands that started it all, the ones that kept the machines running, those who are leading the scene today and those with a brilliant 'dark' future ahead.

Starting with my homeland, Brazil.
Brazil used to have a strong scene in the '90s when influential bands like Aghast View, Simbolo and Morgue gained a lot of attention on international music magazines and alternative dancefloors around the world.
But we can still find talented acts like the duo Euphorbia, from the southern Porto Alegre.

In this video, shot at Penumbra Cyberparty, ManMachine (electronics) and Messiah (voice) perform Pater Noster, a song from their EP Achromatopsia released on web label Phantasma 13.

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