segunda-feira, agosto 09, 2010

Lastrax - Love is a Shield

Lastrax is a synth/futurepop duo based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Patrick Mills (voice) and Tecnoman SF (electronics) are veterans of the South American synth scene and have been part of several major projects in the past (take a look at Samsära - Southamerican Streets and MHz - Amazing Mary Jane videos). With catchy melodies, strong vocals and a great presence at the stage they're the logical choice as opening acts for European synth bands touring Argentina and will hit the stage once again in september when Apoptygma Berzerk performs live at La Trastienda in Buenos Aires.

This video has been shot in 2008 at Tecnoman's home studio. Here they perform a cover version for the Camouflage hit Love is a Shield.

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