terça-feira, junho 22, 2010

Pioneer One - A TV Series without the TV

What at first appears to be a terrorist attack spreading radiation over a small Canadian town is actually the reentrance of a cold war era Soviet space capsule. The surprising contents of the capsule have implications to science and politics in particular and to humanity in general.

That's the plot of Pioneer One. Certainly not the first low budget production to hit the internet, but the first one with a regular TV series format to entirely rely on distribution over P2P networks, or, as their creators claim, the first TV series without the TV. The series is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial Sharealike license and can be freely and legally downloaded from as a BitTorrent in both 720p HD(1,2GB) or standard resolution XviD (350MB) .

The pilot was shot with a US$ 6000 budget, donated by individual supporters through the micro-funding platform Kickstarter. Donations have now reached US$ 13000 of the US$ 20000 expected to fund the next three episodes of a 7-episode first season.

You may think it is a great initiative and will probably watch Pionner One just for the sake of supporting a bold project and a milestone in the history of TV series. But get ready to be very impressed by a consistent and intriguing plot, convincing actors and a really competent direction. It's not just a good cause, it's a actually a promising TV Series showing us what may be the future of TV and the true potential of P2P/Torrent networks.

DOWNLOAD PIONNER ONE (subtitles available)

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