terça-feira, maio 25, 2010

Aire'n Terre - Live @ Penumbra POA

The Brazilian electro act Aire'n Terre has performs unreleased song at the second gig of their Re:Union Tour 2010 last Saturday at Penumbra Cyber Party in Porto Alegre - Brazil.

Stories Untold is expected to feature an upcoming album to be released later this year on the net label Phantasma13.

The next live appearance of Aire'n Terre is scheduled to next sunday at PÓS, a new alternative party in São Paulo - Brazil.

PÓS - Domingo 30 de maio de 2010 às 19h00m

Boca Club - Rua Augusta, 902 - São Paulo - Brasil
Tel: 11 3459 7010
Web: www.bocaclub.com.br/

DJs residentes – Cid / Humberto Luminati / Nacht / Schroder
Live P.A.: Aire’n Terre

Intervenções performáticas - Grupo Cinetose

Entrada: R$ 10,00 (aceitamos cartões / estacionamento no local)

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